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Medicine Mama

ARD being a company predominantly of women, we're especially honored to be a part of this project.

Medicine Mama's inspiring rebranding project boldly connects with women through powerful imagery and storytelling. They needed a team that could visually represent the message and product with the technical skills to match. Noteworthy features include subscription customizations, upsells, bundles, and a Shopify admin setup for efficient upkeep. ★

About MM: At Medicine Mama we create boldly pure vulva care that puts women of all ages and stages in touch with themselves, their bodies and womankind. We proudly say Vulva, because as women we have a responsibility to advance the dialogue that has been ignored and stigmatized for far too long. If it were up to us, every woman would know the difference between the vulva and vagina and would be empowered to talk about caring for them as freely as they talk about their 10-step skincare routine.

"I've worked with ARD for the past 7 years across several brands and they always deliver to quality work, on time, and exceed expectations. Its a small shop and we really feel like were getting the attention we need compared to a big agency."

We're waiting to hear from you, reach out! ✌︎

Medicine Mama
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